he‘re we go again…Cologne 26.2

with many other adorable Bands :)

Nice Impressions of Halle and Dresden!

Boxenamlagerfoier- Super-Crew (Halle)

Dresden: Vielviel Schnee… (Das Ziel ist das Ziel!)

Thanks and Greetings

wir hatten schöne Tage mit Madame Monster und der Nina.
Vielen Dank für die herzliche Mühe der Potemkin Bar und Julian,
der Nein doch Massaka Konzertgruppe und Franzine, boxenamlagerfoier und Richard in Halle und Freiraum Hameln & Kers.
Manchmal war es draussen kalt aber zwischenmenschlich gabs nur Wärme!

Take care.

Some Shows with Madame Monster…

21.01.16 BIELEFELD// Potemkinr + Madame Monster
22.01.16 DRESDEN//M16(A)+ Madame Monster, Danger!Danger!
23.01.16 HALLE//reil78 + Madame Monster
24.01.16 HAMELN// Freiraum+ Madame Monster

Refugees Welcome!

Hey folks,
due to our last shows and merchandise sales, we are able to donate some money to the independent, supportive and freely accessible contact point for refugees STAY Düsseldorf and GGUA Münster ( Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zur Unterstützung Asylsuchender e.V ).

We want to support this organisations because they are doing simply a good job. They are helping refugees in differnt ways and speak out against the (new) laws. which establish a regime of separation and oppresses people, who decided to take their right to flee inhumanity and injustice.

We as a band, think it is important to take a stand for the political ideas hardcore and punkrock should be embedded in. There are many ways to speak out, act, help and resist against nationalism and racism.

Donating some money is maybe one of the simplest ways, but its a way and a first step…